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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

I am a page full of legal jargon here to help protect you. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy clauses define the conditions which one must accept in order to use your website. Once your site user reads this page, he or she automatically agrees to the policies laid out therein. If your user does not agree with thesem policies, he should not use your site.


Privacy Policy.
I am a Privacy Policy clause. We recommend you use this space to let your visitors know how you will use and store any information gathered about visitors to your website. A solid Privacy Policy with full disclosure that complies with applicable laws will instill confidence in your readers and protect you from a variety of liability issues.


I'm a clause within your Privacy Policy. 

To customize your own Privacy Policy, add your own text.


Terms of Use.
I am a Terms of Use clause. We recommend you use this space to describe what your user can and cannot do on your site, and to make it clear what is expected of your site visitors. This is a legally binding statement and can protect you and your company, when it complies with applicable laws, from lawsuits and other legal action.


To customize your own Terms of Use, add your own text.